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Greenwich Park

Longways for as many as will

   A1    8  First couple lead up for eight, and turn to face
         6  Lead down
         2  and go outside seconds, who move in and up
   A2   16  Second couple repeat all that
   B1    8  First couple pass right and go below
         8  ..then turn crossed-hands 1 1/2 while moving up the middle
   B2    8  Partners back to back
         4  Clap hands with partner (own, rights, own, lefts)
         4  First couple cast, second lead up

Greenwich Park


   1st couple lead up 8; lead back, pass outside 2nd couple who move up.
   2nd couple the same.
   1st couple cross over, cast down; swing up the middle to places.
   All back to back; clap hands together, R to partner's R, together, 
   L to partner's L, 1st couple cast down
   while 2nd move up.

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