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Gray's Inn Mask

Longways for 4 couples
English Dancing Master in 1651.

Part 1
   A1  1-8   Up a dbl and back, S & TS
   A2  1-8   repeat, finish facing partners
   B1  1-4   4 slip steps to L and back to place
   B2  1-4   4 slip steps to R and back to place
   C1  1-4   All back a dbl and forward
   C2  1-4   Cross over to change places, turn to face
   D   1-4   Step R and honour, Step L & honour
   E1  1-4   2H turn partner 1*
   E2  1-4   Cross and turn to face for hey (1 face 2,3)
   F1  1-8   Men's hey
   F2  1-8   Women's hey
Part 2 Same as Part 1 with siding & S&TS
Part 3 Same as Part 1 with arming & S&TS


The tune is the work of Giovanni Coprario or John Cooper (c. 1570–1626) and is contained in a manuscript of five pieces entitled “Graysin” or “Grayes Inne Masque” (now in the British Museum MS ADD, 10444). The masque, performed by Grays Inne and Inner Temple, celebrated the marriage of Princess Elizabeth to Frederick, Elector Palatine in 1613. It is thought that the music was part of the anti-masque to provide light entertainment before the more formal activities of the masque itself. (Graham Christian, 2015). At some point, it is thought that a dancing master choreographed this elegant country dance to be danced to the tune.

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