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GOOD MAN OF CAMBRIDGE Du Min Gary Roodman 1992

   A1        1-4         Hands 4 L once round;
           5-8         1st corners cross, 2nd corners cross:
   A2                Repeat above to places:
   B1        1-8        1st Co lead down through 2nd Co, turn, lead up; 
                   2nd Co lead up through 1st Co, turn & lead down:
          9-16         2nd Co cast up & I/2 fig down as Ist Co lead down, 
                   cast up & I/2 fig down, finishing in line of 4 
                   facing down, 2nd Co in middle & all improper:
   C1        1-4         Line leads down a double & falls back, 
                   all turning at last moment to face up;
           5-8         Line leads up a double & falls back into set formation: 
   C2         1-4         1st Co cross, go below & face up as 
                   2nd Co 2 hands 1/2 turn & lead up;
           5-8         1st Co gate NEXT 2nd Co round into set formation again.
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