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3 Co long set
Thompson 1778
Also as triple minor. (Jane Austen Ball, Rochester, 2016 instructions for example)

A1    3rd Man leads other two Men anticlockwise round We with hands joined;
A2    3rd Wo leads other two We clockwise round Men with hands joined:
      (some versions have 1st Wo)
Bl    1st Co lead down middle, turn, lead back & cast to 2nd place, 2nd Co moving up
B2    1 st Co turn Rh once round, then lh 3/4 round to finish Man between 2nd Co,
      Wo between 3rd Co:
Cl    Take hands in lines across set & step & honour R & L, then all turn facing
      person with 2 hands, 1 st Co only turning 3/4 round, moving to boHom place
      as they do so;
C2    Taking hands on side lines, all repeat step & honour R & L, then all turn
      partner once round:
D1&2  Side lines fall back, come forward & hands 6 L half way round; then repeat

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