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Fop's Fancy

Duple minor proper

A1 1-4	1s and 2nd man circle left once around (3 bars), 
              then 1s and 2s (now including 2nd woman) turn single left (1 bar).

A2 1-4	1s and 2s circle right once around (3 bars), 
                then all turn single right (1 bar).
B1 1-4	1st corners change places (2bars) then 2nd corners change places (2bars)
B2 1-2	1s and 2s, two changes of rights and lefts, starting with partner.
    3-4	Partners two-hand turn once around.
C1 1-4	1s cast down into 2nd place, 2s leading up (2 bars), 
          then partners back-to-back right shoulder (2 bars).
 C2 1-4	1s and 2s, four changes of rights and lefts, starting with partner.

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Source: Graham Christian, TTO Ball Program

Sticker Number: n/a


Fop's Fancy is an English Country Dance first published in Walsh of 1715. It is an proper duple minor longways dance. It was adapted by Andrew Shaw in 2002. Found in “The Playford Assembly”.

FOP became a pejorative term for a man excessively concerned with his appearance and clothes in 17th century England.

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