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Flora and Phaon

Form: Longways, duple minor
Walsh, 1718.
Interpreted by Andrew Shaw
Tune: Flora and Phaon

A1 1-4 Hands 4, circle L. half round, then, keeping hands with nbr., 
       set R.and L. to ptn.
A2 1-4 Hands 4, circle L. half round to places, then all turn S. up (men L., we. R.).
B1 1-4 1" cpl. cast down into 2nd place, 2nd cpl. meeting and leading up into 
       1st place. 
   3-4 Ptns. 2-hand turn once round.
B2 1-4 1st cpl. lead up through 2 cpl. and cast back down, as 2nd cpl. cast down 
       and lead back up. 
   3-4 All turn S., 1st cpl. down, 2nd cpt. up.

Note on the dance:
See Apollo and Daphne.
Georgius in Walsh's Twenty Four Coun' Dances for the Year 1726„reprinted in The New Country Dancing Master 3d Book, [1728], is the same figure set to a different tune.

Note on the title:
Whilst ApoOo and Daphne have a centuries-old joint history, Flora and Phaon appears to be a random pairing of names.

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