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The First Lady

by Fried Herman – Longways for as many as will


   A1   8  First couple half figure-eight through second couple.
        8  Dancers in "men's" line half figure-eight through "women's" line.
   A2   8  Ladies half figure-eight through men.
        8  Dancer's in "women's" line half figure-eight through "men'" line.
   B1   8  Men move into partner's place while ladies cross by right hand. 
           Then left-hand turn with contrary ("open" ladies' chain
        8  Left-hand star once around.
   B2   8  First couple half a draw poussette, second couple regular half-poussette
           (Men falling back).
        4  First couple cast into second place, second dance up.
        4  Turn partners both hands.
   The First Lady    Fried DeMetz Herman, 1991       music: Lord Gregory's Fair Flower 
            duple minor, longways 
   Part        Bars        Description
   A1        4        1's 1/2 figure 8 through 2's
           2        1st lady & 2nd man 1/2 figure 8 across
   A2        4        1st lady & 2nd lady 1/2 figure 8 above
           4        1's 1/2 figure 8 across
   B1        8        Open 1/2 lady's chain into left hand star
   B2        4        Men pulling, 1's 1/2 draw pousette while 2's 1/2 pousette
           4        1's cast, all turn partner 2-hands
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