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Fiddle Hill Jig

Longways contra, improper duple

Suited to lively but not too fast jig or reel

Suggested recording: Little Tinkers Cold Frosty Morn

   Neighbours  back to back
   Partners    back to back
   Allemande Right (RH turn) neighbour
   Couple 1 short swing in middle, finishing between 2s to go
   Down the hall and back, turning alone (drop center hands, 
       pull joined hands of non-partner toward top of hall and
       let go to set your turn direction)
   Square the fours and circle left
   Star Left back (generally contra hands, that is, put hand
     on wrist of person ahead of you. THUMB UP BESIDE HAND
     to avoid poking with thumbnail or bending thumb back.)
   Dance starts again by peeling off star into back to back 
   with new neighbour. Ends remember to change sides.
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