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(also spelled SAYLOR, SAYLER)

Playford Ball reconstruction by Pat Shaw

A1  1-4  1st couple lead through the couple above them and 
         cast down to place. {at top, lead through an imaginary couple.} 
    5-8  1st couple lead through the couple below them and cast up to place. 
A2  1-4  1st couple half figure-eight through couple below. 
    5-8  1st couple turn right-hands once around, ending 
         improper and facing down. 
B1  1-4  All back-to-back with neighbors. 
    5-8  All turn two-hands with neighbors. 
B2  1-4  Partners back-to-back. 
    5-8  1st couple turn two-hands half-way and cast down one 
         place while 2nd couple turn two-hands moving up center one place.


32-bar duple-minor longways; moderate-easy.

dance & tune: Feuillet l' Essex, 1710; alternate tune, Peirce MS.

1-8    1s lead up through the 2s above, cast back, 
       lead down through the 2s below and cast back. 
9-16   1s dance half a figure-8 down through the couple below: 
       partners turn once around by the right, 
       ending with the 1s facing down and the 2s facing up. 
17-24  Neighbors dos-a-dos, then turn once around with 2 hands. 
25-32  1s dos a dos (actually, 2s can do it as well); 
       then 1s turn halfway around with 2 hands and cast off (2s move up)


This version of Female Saylor by Peggy Roe tries to equalize the participation of C1 and C2.

A1 2s lead up through their 1s, and cast down. 
   1s lead down through 2s, cast up, and flow into...
A2 1s half figure 8 down, and 2-hand turn. 
   End improper, facing opposite gender neighbour.

B1 Neighbours back to back and 2-hand turn
B2 Partners back to back. 
   1s cross and cast down while 
   2s meet* and lead up

*B2 to A1 transition: If the 2s take some time to meet (bars 5 & 6) they can make B2 flow into the lead up of A1 without stopping.

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