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duple longways (2/2) (D, G)
Choreographer: Bob Lilley
Tunes: Enrico, with Green Cockade as a change tune
CDSS News # 149, July/Aug. 1999
Recording: Boston Centre Series, vol. XI, by Bare Necessities
Hornpipe step.

A1  1-4  1st corners R-elbow turn 1 1⁄2 (or 2 1⁄2).
    5-8  2nd corners the same.
A2  1-4  1st corners back to back [[8|step hops or other hornpipe steps]].
    5-8  2nd corners the same.
B1  1-4  Clapping:
         W. R-diag. person: tog., tog., R.
         W. L-diag. prson: tog., tog., L.
         W. ptnr.: tog., R, tog., L, tog., tog., both.
B2  5-8  As above.
    1-6  Circle L 1 1⁄2 (to orig. places).
    7-8  Clockwise half poussette (1st man. pushing to start)

“I was writing software for a fast Packet Switching Engine at the time and Fast Packet suggested itself as being folky, in a sea-shantyish sort of way.“

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