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Farewell Marian

(double circle, with men in center facing partner; mixer by Gwyn Williams)

Ed. Seems to be confusion about originator!

Tune is in waltz time.


A1. Partners taking both hands slip 4 steps CCW; balance 
    to partner and turn single
A2. Repeat (slip in same direction)
B. Taking R hands, partners balance fd & bk, partners change places 
   (turning under man's arm); taking L hands with L diagonal opposite, 
   balance fd & bk and change places
A3. Waltz new partner around set


—double circle, men with backs to ctr., facing ptnrs. (3/4) (Dm)
Choreographer: Pat Shaw
Tune: Ffarwel l’r Marian (Farewell to the Shore)
Pat Shaw’s notes, Pinewoods, 1974
Recording: Boston Centre Series, vol. III, by Bare Necessities

A1 1-8  Ptnrs. slide c.clockwise (to man’s L) with both hands joined 
        (4|slow chassez steps), balance fwd. & back to ptnrs. & turn S away (men: L/we.: R).
A2 1-8  Repeat, moving in same direction.

A3 1-8  Giving R-hd. to ptnr., balance fwd., back, & change places. Giving L-hd. 
        to nbr’s. ptnr., do same. With new ptnr., waltz round set (in line of direction)
        (8 wtz. steps).
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