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Familiar Quotations


Familiar Quotations, or Bartlett House Revisited

Choreography: © Sharon Green, 2003 Tune: Lillehammer Waltz, © Jonathan Jensen, 1996 Recordings: Bare Necessities, New Shoots - New American Dances
The Flying Romanos, Japan Tour 2005 Sampler

Jon Berger, Jonathan Jensen, Shira Kammen & Rebecca King,
Dances from the Greenery
Formation: 4-Couple Longways Set, Ones and Threes Improper

		Men cast right, dance through the middle of the set to end 
                back home facing out while Women follow partner 1/2-way to 
                end on partner's right in opposite woman's place facing out
	5-8 	Partners lead out, setting R & L, and wheel to face in
		[Men back up]
		Women cast right, dance through the middle of the set back 
                to this place, ending facing out while Men follow opposite 
                1/2-way to end on opposite's right in other man's place facing out
	13-16 	Neighbors lead out, setting R & L, wheel to face in
		[Women back up]
		All are now progressed, diagonally across from original position
		[Order 2-1-4-3]
B1	1-4 	All 8 single file 1/2 way around
		[End with Threes at top, order 3-4-1-2]
	5-6 	Threes right-hands across 1/2 way with Fours
	7-8 	Threes left-hands across 1/2 way with Ones
	9-10 	Threes right-hands 1/2 way with Twos [Order now 4-1-2-3]
	11-12 	All turn single right
	13-16 	New foursomes, circle left once around
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