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FACE THE MUSIC (Duple proper), 4 steps to bar

           F. Herman, 1989, tune Fiddling David
   A 1 R hand star, half way in four steps
     2 1st corners join hands also and pivot swing once round while 2nd corners
       balance back and forward
     3-4 Repeat above with other corners
     5 long lines fall back (count 4)
     6 set R and L
     7 long lines forward double
     8 1st C cast to 2nd place, 2nd C cross up to 1st place, stay facing out
   B Egg beaters (1st W and 2nd M, R hand turn, 1st M and 2nd W, L hand turn.
    3-4 1st C half figure 8 up through 2nd C (i.e. keep moving in same direction)
        6 counts, on last 2 counts all cross R shoulder with partner and turn to 
        R into
   5-6 hands 4 to L once round
   7-8 L hand star back, flow into A
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