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Emperor of the Moon

longways duple minor

Playford (The Dancing Master, Volume 1) (1690) / Andrew Shaw
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A1	1-4	Ptnrs set and turn single, end facing Nbrs. 
	5-8	Nbrs 2H turn, open up well back, facing partner across set. 
A2	1-4	Lines go forward and back. 
	5-6	Ptnrs set. 
	7-8	1s cast down while 2s lead up to first place. 
B1	1-4	2s cross and cast while ones lead up and curve out. 
	5-8	2s half-figure 8 up, taking the relevant hand of the same-sex
		nbr (M left, W right); ones complete the turn to face ptnr. 
B2	1-8	As in B1, with ones crossing and casting to start. 
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