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   A1 1-2  All turn single
      3-4 All balance forward and back
      5-8 All cross with partner and turn over R shoulder to face partner
      and come in towards partner, ready for:
   A2 1-8 repeat to original places
   B 1-4 1st and 2nd M lead between partners and cast back to place
     5-8 1st and 2nd  W do same
     9-14 1st  C figure 8 down through 2s.
     15-20 2nd  C figure 8 up through 1st C
     21-22 1st C cast down, 2nd C lead up to progress
   Elverton Grove                    Longways for as many as will
   A1    4  Turn single toward corner
         4  Balance forward and back
         8  partners cross by right and turn right to face
   A2   16  All turn single right, and balance and cross as before
   B     8  Men lead through women and back to palce
         8  Women lead through men
        12  First couple figure eight
        12  Second couple figure eight
         4  First couple cast, second lead up Recording:

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