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by Colin Hume, duple proper longways

  A 1-4   1's set to each other, then 2 hand turn halfway 
    5-8   neighbors set, then 2 hand turn halfway 
  B  1-4  partners back to back 
     5-8  circle left halfway, balance the circle, 
          fall back with neighbor 
  C  1-4  men lead ladies into an open ladies chain; 
          men cast left while ladies turn by right 
          halfway, meet partners by left and turn once around 
     5-8  repeat to finish chain 
  D  1-4  1's pass through by right and cast down, 
          2's start 1/2 figure 8 above as soon as 1's are clear 
     5-8  1's do 1/2 figure 8 above while 2's meet in the 
          center and lead up 

The tune is a waltz so each bar has 3 beats. We like to do it with smooth waltz steps.


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