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First appeared in Walsh of 1733.
It was adapted by Bentley in 1977
It is a proper duple minor dance.

   A1  Neighbours back to back (3 bars)
       Partners back to back (3 bars)
   A2 Neighbours turn 2 hands (3 bars)
      Partners turn 2 hands (3 bars)
   B1 All balance back (1 bar)
      and forward (1 bar)
      Coming forward, set R and L, (2 bars), turn S back to place (2 bars)
   B2 1st C half figure 8 (3 bars)
      1st C cross, go below 2nd C (who move up) and 2 hand turn

Easter Thursday

Longways for as many as will

   A1  18   Neighbors back-to-back (9); partners back-to-back (9).
   A2  18   Neighbors 2-hand turn (9); partners 2-hand turn (9).
   B1   6   Partners facing, all set backward &  forward.
        6   Set right, and left
        6   Turn single.�
   B2   6   1st couple half figure-8 through 2nd couple (skip).
        6   1st couple cross &  go below while 2nd couple move up.
        6   All 2-hand turn partner.


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