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East Indian

Proper triple minor dance.
Interpreted by Ken Sheffield in 1988.

A1 1-4  2nd woman and 1st couple R.H. star once round
        while 2nd man and 3rd couple do the same.
   5-8  2nd woman and 3rd couple L.H. star once round
        while 2nd man does the same with 1st couple.
A2      1st couple lead down the middle, lead up and casr one
        place. (Progression)
B1      Slipped ring for 6 L. and R.
B2      Allemand R. and L. (i.e. partners giving R.H. half turn to
        each others place, continue the turn passing the woman
        under the man's R. arm. Repeat with L.H.)

Source: Thompson's Compleat Collection Vol. V
O Copyright 1988 Kepas Consultants. Eynsham Oxford

Éamonn Ó Riain (Edmund O'Ryan), better known in Irish folklore as Éamonn an Chnoic or Ned of the Hill, was one of many Irish Catholic landholders forcibly dispossessed by English and Scottish Protestant settlers in the seventeenth century.
The tune, “Ned of the Hill” is a traditional Scottish air.

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