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An Early Frost

Longways, duple proper

Tune: An Early Frost

Dance by Philippe Callens (2000) published in “Belgian Boutades”

A	1-2	M turn single R,
	3-4	Partners Rh turn half-way,
	5-6	W turn single L,
	7-8	Partners Lh turn half-way
	9-10	All turn single R,
	11-14	Rh star easing out to face nbr,
	15-16	Then pass through R sh up and down.

B	1-2	All set to partner, and
	3-4	Cross R sh ("Hole in the Wall" style),
	5-8	In fours - Circle L once,  [5-8]
	7-10	Half poussette clockwise,  [9-12]
	11-12	Ones cross and go below,   [13-14]
		AS twos 2h turn half-way, then
	13-16	Take 2 side steps up the centre. [15-16]

Note: there is an error in the bar notation of B. The timings shown in the square brackets are my attempt to sort this out.


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