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Draper's Maggot

Playford's Dancing Master of 1706
and interpreted by Fried de Metz Herman in about 1995.
Triple minor longways (Could be adjusted to 3C set)

A1  1-4  C1 and C2 circle L once round
    5-8  C1 cast to middle place while C2 move up
A2  1-8  C1 and C3 4 changes R&L
B1  1-4  M1 turns W3 2H, while M2 and W1 same. (Rt Diagonal)
    5-8  Partners turn 2H    
B2  1-4  M1 turns W2 2H, while M3 and W1 same  (Lt Diagonal)
    5-8  Partners turn 2H    

The series of 4 two-handed turns for the active couple can be dizzy-making. We found that replacement of the partner 2H turns in B1 and B2 with back-to-backs worked quite well. — nashjc 2016/09/29 11:53

See an animation of this dance

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