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Dr. Bending's Serpent

Sharon Green, 2009
Tune: DrBendingsSerpent
3 couple longways.

A1  1-4	 Partners set right and left, change places turning single right 
               (end facing out).
    5-8  Lines of 3 lead away, and fall back (all face in).
A2  1-8	 That again.
B1  1-4	 1s and 2s half-poussette (clockwise) to change places.
    5-8  1s and 3s half-poussette (anticlockwise) so order now 2-3-1.
B2  1-8	 Circle 6 left and right (slipping).

Sharon Green heard recording of “The Serpent with Corners” and was inspired to write this dance to go with it.

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