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   THE CUCKOO’S NEST        3 Co long set            Rutherford volIII  c1775 
   A1 & A2           1st Co cast to middle, then hands 4 once with 3rd Co; 
                   1 st Co cost to top,  then hands 4 once with 2nd Co:
   Bl & B2                1st Co cross down between 2nd & 3rd Co's to hey on wrong sides; 
                   then cross back to hey on own sides:
   C1                1st Co lead down to middle place 12nd Co moving up), 
                   set to each other,
                   cast to bottom place (3rd Co moving up) 
                   & set to each other again;
   C2                1 st & 3rd Co's hey 4 changes, partners facing.
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