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Come Let's Be Merry

Form: 3 couple longways

The Dancing Master 1727 (Interp. Tom Cook)

A1	Ones face up and, taking inside hands, 
	lead round to each other's places & honour the twos;
	Change hands & repeat to home.

A2	Ones cast to middle place, twos moving up,
	then cast to bottom place, threes moving up.

B1	Ones lead (or waltz) to the top,
	then cast to middle place, threes moving down.

B2	Taking hands 6, all balance straight forward,
	then diagonally L backwards,
	Do this 3 times, to the opposite side of the set,
	then turn partner 2h half-way to new place.

Repeat with threes active, then twos.

??which is better??

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