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The Collier's Daughter

Longways for as many as will

     A1   8   First couple cross and go below, second couple move up.
     A2   8   First couple turn partner (Now improper).
     A2   8   First couple cross and go below NEXT couple, who move up.
     A2   8   First couple turn partners (Now proper).
     B1   4   First couple leads up to "progressed" place, second couple go down
              on outside.
          8   First couple circle with original seconds.
          4   All turn single (left).
     B2   8   Circular hey.
          8   Turn partners.

There is another version from “Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, 1730”

     A1   1-8 M1 hey with women
     A2   1-8 W1 hey with men
     B1   1-4 C1 "cross over 2 couples" skipping
          5-8 C1 lead to top and cast off 1 place
     B2   1-8 C1 and C2 4 changes R&L 

Note that these latter instructions do not define the cross over 2 couples. Suggestion: Cross over and go down past 2 couples, then lead to top and cross and cast 1 place. Or cross, cast 1, cross, cast 1. (Latter quite demanding in time.)

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