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Circle Waltz

Easy Circle mixer.
Big circle OR small circles of 4 or 5.

 A:      Take hands round the circle and balance in and out; 
         women let go of partner's hand and move forward and 
         round to the right one place (men stepping back) 
         to reform the circle. 
         Do all this four times.
 B:      The 4th person is your new partner. 
         Take inside hands (or both), 
         sway in, sway back, sway in 
         and turn all the way round. 
         Do the same again outwards - 
         sway out, sway in, sway out and turn. 
         Ballroom hold: chassay 2 steps in and 2 out. 
         Waltz on round circle, 
         then reform the circle and start again

Music: 32-bar waltzes Recordings:

Also Far Away/Old Madeira from the Old Sod band can be used for this. ??Please check the two recordings. There may be faults near end of one of them.

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