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Circle Waltz or Oslo Waltz

Easy Circle mixer.
Big circle OR small circles of 4 or 5 cpls.

 A:      Take hands round the circle and balance in and out; 
         women let go of partner's hand and move forward and 
         round to the right one place (men stepping back) 
         to reform the circle. 
         Do all this four times.
 B:      The 4th person is your new partner. 
         Take inside hands (or both), 
         sway in, sway back, sway in 
         and turn all the way round. 
         Do the same again outwards - 
         sway out, sway in, sway out and turn. 
         Ballroom hold: chassay 2 steps in and 2 out. 
         Waltz on round circle, 
         then reform the circle and start again

Music: 32-bar waltzes Recordings:

Also Far Away/Old Madeira from the Old Sod band can be used for this. ??Please check the two recordings. There may be faults near end of one of them. no problems not good


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