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Cheshire Rounds

Playford's Dancing Master of 1701.
Adapted by Charles Bolton in 2000.
Proper duple minor dance.

A1    1-4    W1 cast down around both 2s up to partner's place, M1 follows up middle to her place
A2    1-4    M2 cast up around both 1s, W2 follows
B1    1-2    1s cross go below, 2s two hand turn half, lead up
    3-4    Partner two hand turn
B2    1-4    Four changes of rights and lefts


More information on the dance:
“Cheshire Rounds” was a celebrated tune and dance sometimes danced by a couple (whose gyrations resembled the movements of the sun and moon) and sometimes by a single person. The only known portrait of Doggett (who founded the celebrated waterman's badge) shows him dancing the “Cheshire Round.”

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