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Charlene's Celebration

4-couple longways set, 3/2 meter
Gary Roodman, 2005
Prime Calculated Figures
Source: BACDS11

A1  Mirror Hey for 4: 1s and 3s face down with hands joined, 
    while 2s and 4s face up without hands joined.  
    Do a hey-for-4 along the lines, joining hands 
    with partner at the top & casting up at the bottom.

A2  In 2-cpl sets, R-hand star half-way, L-hand star back.
    Pousette CW half-way with partner.
    End cpls case to the center while middle cpls lead to the end.

B   In 2-cpl sets, 3 changes circular hey.
    In 4-cpl set, middle cpls face and change with each other, passing L-shoulder.
    In new 2-cpl sets, 1s corners cross, then 2s corners cross, circle 4 L half-way.
    (end progressed 2,4,1,3)


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