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Capers at Zeist

Form: Duple minor longways, 1stC improper
Dance by Lena Rees & John Lagden
Tune entitled “A Trip to Ilford” by Roger Davidson

 A1 1-8  Rh star, then Ones cast WHILE twos set & lead up.    

 A2 1-8  Lh star, then Twos cast WHILE ones set & lead up.    

 B  1-8  Take inside hands with neighbour & fall back, then   
         set facing each other. Facing partners, all cross R  
         sh & turn to face;                                   
    9-16 Ones cast & half fig 8 WHILE twos half fig 8 & then  
         roll up the centre (when the twos have completed     
         their half fig 8 they lead up with inside hands      
         joined and cast away from each other to finish facing
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