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Duple Minor Longways Improper 9/8 (4 steps to the bar)
Gary Roodman Calculated figures 1987

A1 1-2  Link on the sides, (Men cast, Ladies turn right into Nbr’s place).
   3-4  Nbrs turn RH once round. 
   5-6  Men change places, then Ladies change places. 
   7-8  Face Nbr for 2 changes of a circular hey, no hands.  
A2 1-8  Repeat figure from new places, reversing roles (ie Ladies cast as Men dance
        to R;  Nbrs turn RH; Ladies change then Men change;  and 2 changes
        of a circular hey starting with Nbr).
B  1-4  Lead away with Nbr; lead back; pass through and turn over right shoulder  into......
   5-8  Half right hands across with current Nbrs (progression) and full left hands 
        across right round with NEW Nbrs.


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