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Longways for six

   A1    8  First man cast to second place (second move up).
         8  First man turn third lady (both hands), ends with lady at home and 
            man in second place.
   A2    8  First lady cast to second place (second move up).
         8  First lady turn third man (both hands), ends with man at home and 
            lady in second place.
   B1    4  First and second couples circle half-way. (End with first at top,
             and both improper).
         4  All turn single left.
         8  Two changes of rights and lefts, starting with partner.
   B2    4  First couple half figure-8 through thirds.
         4  First couple cross above as third meet.
         4  First couple go below, third lead up.
         4  Partners turn both hands.
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