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Bury Fair

LW triple

Sources: The Dancing Master 10th Ed. 1698

The Country Dance Book


A   1-4   M1 casts down below C3 and stands between
          C3, all three facing up.
    5-6   W1 casts down below W2 stands between C2, 
          all three facing down.
    7-8   Opposites set to one another i.e., M1 to W1, W2 to W3, M2 to M3
B   1-4   C2 and W1 hands 3, while C3 and M1 same, all clockwise
    5-8   The same again, counter-clockwise.
C   1-8   W1 and C2 hey (W1 face M2 R shoulder) while 
          C3 and M1 same (M1 face W3 R shoulder)
          the first couple meeting at end so 
D   1-4   C1 lead down through C3 and cast up into second place.
    5-8   C1 lead up through C2 and casts down into the second place.

This is drawn from the video

Another rendition: BURY FAIR—triple longways (4/4) (F)
Playford, Dancing Master, I-10, 1698
Sharp, The Country Dance Book, VI, p. 114
Recording: Boston Centre Series, vol. I, by Bare Necessities

A 1-4 1st man casts down below 3rd man & stands btwn. 3rd cu. facing up.
  5-6 1st wo. casts down below 2nd wo. & stands btwn. 2nd cu. facing down.
  7-8 The two lines set to each other.
B 1-4 Hands-3 once round: 2nd cu. & 1st wo./3rd cu. & 1st man.
  5-8 Back the other way.
C 1-8 Hey across the set: 1st wo. & 2nd cu./1st man & 3rd cu. 
      (passing R-sh. with opp., i.e. R-hd. person), end with 1st cu. in
      2nd place (prog.) [[16|steps]].
D 1-4 1st cu. lead down thru 3rd cu. & cast to 2nd place.
  5-8 1st cu. lead up thru 2nd cu. & cast to 2nd place.
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