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(Tipsy Parson)
Recording: (Becket formation?, even number of couples)

A1  allemand left with corner -- always same corner
      swing partner
A2  Ladies chain across and back
B1  Bucksaw Left (i.e., half rt and lt through with next couple
      diagonal across set)
      1/2 rt and lt with new cpl opposite
B2  Lt hand star, back rt.

Bucksaw Reel

Becket Dance by Herbie Gaudreau

A1  1 - 4    Allemande left with the lady on the left (straight across at the bottom).
    5 - 8    Swing partners.
A2  1 - 8    Ladies chain over and back.
B1  1 - 4    Left diagonal right and left through, those who can.
    5 - 8    New couple opposite right and left through.
B2  1 - 4    Left hand star.
    5 - 8    Right hand star.

See an animation of this dance SvgLogoSmall.png.

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