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Bryon's Boutade

by Fried de Metz Herman 1991

from memory (JN) Please correct if needed!!!

Tune: Bryon's Boutade

Longways for 4 couples. Couples 1 and 3 improper.

   On Right-diagonal, change places R shoulder. 
   End persons in W1 and M4 positions stand still.
   Across the dance, all change R shoulder.
   Repeat above crossings until set is inverted.
   Couple 1 is now at bottom and proper.
   At the bottom (original ones) make an arch and move up a double, meet top couple (original fours) and take them back to bottom
   WHILE twos & threes lead through the arch and cast up toward top
   Circle left (four hands round)
   All partners back to back
   All partners set and turn single

written in honor of musician and composer Bryon Bonnett (1929 – 2008), is deservedly one of her most popular creations.


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