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Bridge of Athlone

   Five Couple Longways        (5 x 48 Jigs)
   8 More Bars, Track 11, uses Jockey to the Fair; 
           Merrily Kissed the Quaker; Dingles Regatta
           but the music is not pleasant
   Al        Lines advance, retire and cross over
           - men arch.
   A2        As A1-ladies arch.
   81        Top couple gallop down the middle and back.
   82        Top couple cast off to make arch at bottom: 
           othercouples follow lead through arch
           to newplaces (progression).
   A3        All 2 hand arch with partner. Leading girl dances 
           up under the arches and down the outside while 
           leading man dances up the outside and down the middle.
   B3         All swing partners.
   Music: Cadgers in the Canongate
           for slower try Parting Lovers
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