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Bloomsbury Market


3C longways version

   1st M RHT 2nd W
   then 2nd M LHT
   then 3rd M RHT
   then cast back to place
   1st W LHT 2nd M
   then RHT 2nd W
   then LHT 3rd W
   then cast back to place
   M2 hey with C1
   C1 lead down middle and cast up 
   W2 hey with C1 who finish with casting off.

J Hargrove Duple Minor reconstruction

Bloomsbury Market

   Man 1 right hand turn Woman 2, 
   then left hand turn Man 2, 
   then right hand turn Woman 3 (the next woman 1), 
   and lead up to place behind neighbour

   Woman 1 the same

   Man 2 hey with C1

   C1 lead down and cast to place

   Two hand turn partner

   Woman 2 hey with C1

   C1 cast, C2 lead up

   Two hand turn partner
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