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Black Bess

Playford, The Dancing Master, 1696-1728.
Nicolas Broadbridge and Marjorie Fennessy, Purcell's Dancing Master, 1997.

Tune: Black Bess

Henry Purcell, “The Rival Sisters”, 1695.
6/8, D major

Proper duple-minor longways.

A1 1-4 First man wide cast down one place while second man move up.
   5-8 Ones back-to-back by the left along the second diagonal.
A2 1-4 First woman wide cast down one place while second woman move up.
   5-8 Second corners back-to-back by the right along the first diagonal.
B1 1-4 Partners back-to-back.
   5-8 Partners pass right for a circular hey, three changes.  All end at home.
B2 1-2 First corners change by the left.
   3-4 Second corners change by the right.
   5-8 Partners two-hand turn once and a half.

In the “Tell Me More” article about “Orange Nan” (CDSS News, September/October 2006), Graham Christian writes, “Orange Nan’s name, for instance, turns up in the third issue of a short-lived periodical called The Wandering Whore in 1660 among the common whores, where she jostles for attention with the likes of Black Bess (the dedicatee of another dance), Fair Rosamond, and Mrs. Bliss.”


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