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Birthday at Pinewoods

Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly 2008
Duple Minor Longways
Tune: Birthday at Pinewoods

A 1-4   1st diagonals cast left into neighbor's place while 2nd diagonals follow, crossing
        set to partner's place (1 bar) and into a partner L-shoulder gypsy once round on
        the side (3 bars) into...
  5-7   Circle 4-hands to right once around (end with 1s on L-file, 2s on R-file)
  8     All begin turn single right into...
  9-12  Those on 2nd diagonal continue turn single right to cast home while opposites
       (original neighbor) follow, crossing set to home (1 bar) and into a neighbor R-
        shoulder gypsy once round on the side (3 bars) into...
  13-16 Circle 4-hands to left once around (all end home)
B 1-2   Partners set
  3-4   All turn over R shoulder to change places with neighbor (1st diagonals through
        middle; 2nd diagonals casting)
  5-8   R-hands across once round and turn single left into...
  9-12  Partners L-hand turn once round
  13-16 Partners L-shoulder back to back

Music: Ripples on the Pond by Jonathan Jensen, 2006
Teaching points:
At the end of A bar 4 you are one place CCW around the set.
A bars 1 and 9: Same people (original 2nd diagonals) cross the set each time.
B 1-4 is similar to the Scottish figure set and link.

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