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Form: Long set, 3 cpls.
Devised by Kynaston and published by Walsh in 1718.
Interpreted by Andrew Shaw
Tune: Belgrade

AI 1-2 Ist cpl. lead down the middle into 3rd place, as 2nd and 3rd cpls., facing up, 
       move up the outside one place, and all face ptn., then 
   3-4 Ptns. cross R. and turn R. into 
   5-8 Hands 6, circle L. half round. Order: I 3 2
A2 1-4 Ist cpl. long cast down into 2nd place, 3rd cpl. leading up into Ist place 
       in bars 3-4. 
   5-8 Ist cpl. lead down through 2nd cpl. and cast back up to middle place. 
       Order: 3 I 2
BI 1-2 Hands joined in lines of 3, fall back, then, releasing hands, 
   3-4 All turn about to face out, middles (Ist cpl.) turning R. and falling back 
       slightly, ends turning away from middles (R-hand dancer R., L-hand 
       dancer L.) and moving into position for 
   5-8 Hands 3, circle L. once round, finishing back in lines facing out, then, 
       releasing hands, 
   9-10 All turn about to face in, middles turning R. and changing places with each 
        other, ends turning away from middles, into
B2 1-4 Ist cpl.. half hey contrary sides, Ist man passing R. with bottom woman (2nd woman), 
       Ist woman passing R. with top man (3rd man}, and looping wide to come in 
       through the ends of the set and meet on the centre line. 
   5-8 Ist cpl. 2-hand turn once and a quarter round into 2nd place proper and 
       face down. 
       Order: 2 I 3      
   9-10 Ist cpl. lead down and turn away from each other to face up the outside in 
        3rd place, as 3rd cpl. cast up to face up the outside in 2nd place, as 2nd cpl. 
        turn S. down (man R., woman L.) to face down, inside hands joined, all ready 
        for the start of the next turn of the dance.
        Repeat x 2. In the final turn, all finish in set formation, facing ptn

. Video:

Note: The 2“ k 3' cpls. should time their turn S. at the end of 81 so as to move directly into the half heys at the start of 82.

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