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Modern Contra Dances The Dance Gypsy _ by Gene Hubert _ (Becket)

   1. Swing partner on side
   2. Four in line down hall, turn as couples
   3. Come back, bend the line
   4. Circle 3/4 until neighbor on side, swing
   5. On right diagonal, 1/2 ladies chain
   6.  With opposite, L.H. star

?? Another version?

Beckett |improper, circle 1/4, face across the set

   1. Circle left, all move to left 
                [[if|at ends, cross over]]
   2. Circle left new couple
   3. Balance in and out, swing opposite
   4. Hey for four 
           [[ladies|cross 1st w. right shoulder]] 
   5. Swing partner

music -

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