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Bath Carnival

or Keppel's Delight

Video: (as 3C set)

     Can also be danced as triple minor.


Instructions from video (please edit and improve if you can!)

C1 lead down, C2 move up
C1 lead out through gap between W2 and W3, M1 below.
W1 figure of 8 round C2 (turn L to start), while
M1 figure of 8 round C3 (turn R to start)
End with M1 between C3, W1 between C2, all facing up and down.
Set taking hands.
C1 turn 3/4, C2 and C3 turn 1/2 to end improper, facing across
All set, then 2H turn 1/2 to proper side. 
Circle 6 L, then R.
All face out and lead out, turn alone and lead back
All face partner and set, C2 turn single while C1 cast to 
bottom and C3 move up. 
(For triple minor, it appears all turn single)
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