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Duple Improper, 2 steps/bar
Recordings:– preferred recording

 A1  1-4   M cast R, up the middle passing L shoulder to original place, face out.
            W follow partner to opposite W's place, finish facing out
     5-8   Lead partners out and back
 A2        As above, W casting to L, (Men follow W opposite) passing R shoulders 
             in middle  (now progressed, 1st C proper, 2nd improper)
 B1  1-2   Quick changes R with partners (1 bar), L on side, keep hands on sides
     3-4   with hands, set forward and back
     5-8   back to back, L shoulder and finish facing across set
 B2  1-4   All cast R and dance half way round. Progressed, 2nd improper 1st proper
     5-8   facing neighbor, 3 changes with hands.



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