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(EDT)(by Charles Bolton ) (3 Couple Longways Set)

Part I
A    1-4  Facing the presence, take inside hands with partner, move up a double and back.
     1-4  Facing partner, fall back a double and forward a double.
B1   1-4  Set forward on the R diagonal (M1 to W2, M2 to W3).  
          Cross Rsh to change places.  while the second corners (W1 and M3), without 
          casting,  move anti-clockwise round the outside to change places.
     5-6  All turn single right.
B2   1-6  Facing new partners across the set, all set and dance 2H turn 
          1 1/2 times to finish proper.

Part II
A    Side right and left with new partner.
B    Repeat as in Part I

Part III
A     Arm right and left with new partner.
B    Repeat as in part I (finishing 1, 2, 3)


* – good drive

* Ashford_Anniversary-dhp-10.mp3 – slower pace == poss. best for leaning

* – don't try for dancing

GReynolds 10:24, 7 October 2011 (EDT)

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