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Ash Grove

longways, duple minor L. Vosteen
Traditional) AABAX7
Tune: ''

A1  C1 R shoulder back to back;
    half figure eight through C2
A2  C2 back to back L shoulder;
    half figure eight through C1
    Circle left half way (in 6 counts);
    1st corners change &
    2nd corners change (in 6 counts). 
    Step back a single, come forward 
    and cross by the right shoulder (in 6);
    turn neighbor by the left about 3/4 to send Man 1 and Woman 2 into 
    the center to begin a right shoulder hey for 4.
A3  Hey until you meet partner for second time and 2-hand turn 1 1/2 in
    progressed places.


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