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4 co long set

Fried de Metz Herman 1991

 A1      1st Man & 4th Wo cast L one place, 
         set to each other & 2 hands turn once round:
 A2      1st Wo & 4th Man do the same:

 B1  1-4 Middles face ends, all take inside hands, 
         middles arch over ends, who move in under,
         turn & arch to ends again over middles;
     5-8 Middle 2 Co's hands 4 L 1/2 way & 
         cross Rsh with partner into ring of 8:
 B2      Hands 8 Left 1/2 way, then all 2-hands turn 
         partner L 1/2 round.
Progression:             2-3-4-1        
Repeat thrice.


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