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An Enchanted Place

By Antony Heywood , 1990
Music: ‘Hewlet’ by O’Carolan.
4 couple square

A1  1-8  1 st woman, followed by her partner, dances halfway around the set 
         counter-clockwise, while the other dancers all circle left halfway. 
    1-8  Couple 1 re-joins the circle between couples 2 and 4, and all circle 
         home to the right.
A2  1-8  Turn your corner by the left.  Turn your partner by right. 

B (a canon)
    1-4  1s lead into the center of the set, face and give 2 hands,
         1s pousette through the arch (man pushing).
         While 2s make an arch and move  into center.
   5-6   1s do a Bernard Bentley Allemande with man ending on lady’s left.
         While 2s face, join hands, and pousette through arch. 
         While 3s make an arch, then dance into the center.

   7-8   1s stand still. While 2s Bernard Bentley Allemande.
         While 3s pousette through the arch.
         While 4s make an arch, then dance into the center. 
         1s and 2s step right and honor partner.
         While 3s Bernard Bentley Allemande.
         While 4s pousette out to top place. (there’s no arch for the 4s)
   3-4   1s, 2s and 3s all step and honor partner
         While 4s Bernard Bentley Allemande. .
   5-8  All couples 2 hand turn partners once around .

music +

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