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All Saints' Day

by David Ashworth, duple proper longways

   A   1st corners right hand turn while 2nd corners cast CCW halfway around the set to change places (1-4),
       2nd corners left hand turn while 1st corners cast CW halfway around the set to change places; 
       all are now improper and progressed (5-8) 
   B1  Face partner, fall back a double (1-2),
        Lead forward and cross right shoulder with partner (3-4),
        Turn over right shoulder into a single file circle; lady 1 leading to a line of 4 across 
        the set facing up (L1, L2, G2, G1) (5-8) 
   B2   Line of 4 lead forward and fall back, bending to a circle (1-4),
        1's cross and cast below twos while 2's lead up, lady crossing in front of gent (5-8)
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