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  ALDERMAN'S HAT (from Apted) 3 couple longways
  (tune in Barnes I - no attribution)
  A1 (1-3)  1st man cast off to bottom followed by
            other men, while 1st woman followed by
            other women does the same
     (4-6)  Partners two-hand turn once around
     (7-8)  All clap three times (beat 1,2 of 7;1 of 8)
  A2        As above with 3rd couple in place of 1sts.
            End in original places
  B1 (1-6)  1st woman casts off, followed by partner,
            goes around 3rd couple and ends in 2nds place
            (2nds move up)
     (7-8)  All clap as before
  B2 (1-6)  1st and 2nd couples, beginning with partner, 
            do a circular hey, 4 changes
     (7-8)  All clap as before, and 1st and 3rd couples
            chnage places by right shoulder
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