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5 Co long set
Thompson Compleat vol IV 1780
Double progression for 1st & 3rd Co's each turn

A        Partners face, balance back & cross R sh, 
         balance back & cross L sh, then all
         face down & take R h:
B        All lead down, turn Women under arms, lead up, 
         C1 & C3 cast a place to finish on centre line of set, 
         Men below partners and back to back with them; 
         take hands 3 at top & bottom, but hands 4 in middle:
C        All set R & L, then circle L, breaking to finish with 
         partners facing in 1st progressed place; all set R & L:
D        Partners take Rh & 'overhead Allemande' W1 moves forward 
         & back as Man gypsies clockwise round her, she passing 
         under joined R hands); C1 & C3 cast again as others L h 
         overhead Allemande, moving up.

Source: Dance and Danceability

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