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Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly 2011 Duple Minor Longways

private instructions

Music: The Ground Floor by Chris Sackett, 2011

Teaching Points:

Siding in A1 1-4 is side-by-side.

See diagram on page 51 of book Impropriety IV for the beginning of the keys in B1 and B2.

Each #1 who crosses to enter the hey from the bottom does not complete the final loop of the hey back to the bottom; instead, they leave the hey from the middle of the pattern (the crossing point of the figure eight pattern, three-fourths of the way through) to cross back to their own side during the last two bars.

For Gene Murrow and Anne Lowenthal, in thanks for their hospitality on numerous working, dancing, and sightseeing visits to Manhattan.

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