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CDS Boston Centre volume 5, At Home

Bare Necessities


   {|class="wikitable sortable" style="background:#ffffdd;color:black;width:95%;" border="1"
  |BN5ah-01||Installation, The|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-02||Astonished Archeologist, The|| || || || 
  |BN5ah-03||Lull Me Beyond Thee|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-04||Argeers||  || || ||
  |BN5ah-05||Hunsdon House||  || || ||
  |BN5ah-06||Shrewsbury Lasses|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-07||Fain I Would||  || || ||
  |BN5ah-08||Merry Andrew, The (regular)|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-09||Hyde Park||  || || ||
  |BN5ah-10||Broom, the Bonny, Bonny Broom|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-11||Love and a Bottle|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-12||Merry Andrew, The (slow)|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-13||Chelsea Reach|| || || || 
  |BN5ah-14||Leah's Waltz|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-15||Epping Forest||  || || ||
  |BN5ah-16||Once a Night||  || || ||
  |BN5ah-17||Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-18||Sir Watkin's Jig||  || || ||
  |BN5ah-19||Jovial Beggars|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-20||Oxford Circus/Parson's Farewell||  || || ||
  |BN5ah-21||Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The|| || || ||
  |BN5ah-22||Randolph Farewell|| || || ||

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   1. The Installation Twenty Four Country Dances (Thompson), 1772. The 
   Playford Ball, Kate Van Winkle Keller and Genevieve Shimer (CDSS), 1994. 
   1ST C: AT 0:32
   2. The Astonished Archeologist Dance by Philippe Callens. Tune "Goff Hall" 
   by Dan Lanier. Continental Capers, Philippe Callens (AADS), 1999. Written 
   for archeologist Nik Lammers, the piano player with the Dutch band The 
   Little Tinkers. The title is a conscious nod to Pat Shaw's dance for John 
   Ramsay, "The Amazed Geneticist." 3-COUPLE LONGWAYS A MAJoR 2/4 
   32 BARS AABB 6X 3:32 1ST B: AT 0:18
   3. Lull Me Beyond Thee The Dancing Master, 1st Ed. (Playford), 1651. The 
   Playford Ball, 1994. 4-COUPLE LONGWAYS D MINOR 6/8 24 BARS ABB 3X 
   1:56 1ST B: AT 0:13
   4. Argeers The Dancing Master, 1st Ed. (Playford), 1651. The Playford Ball, 
   1994. 2 COUPLES BB MAJoR 2/2 32 BARS AABB 3X 1:51 1ST B: AT 0:17
   5. Hunsdon House The Dancing Master, 3rd Ed. (Playford), 1665. The 
   Playford Ball, 1994. 4-COUPLE SQuARE C MAJoR 6/8 40 BARS AABBBB 3X 
   3:01 1ST B: AT 0:13
   6. Shrewsbury Lasses Twenty Four Country Dances (Thompson), 1 765. The 
   Playford Ball, 1994. 3-COUPLE LONGWAYS D MAJoR 2/2 40 BARS AABB 6X 
   4:18 1ST B: AT 0:18
   7. Fain I Would The Dancing Master, 1st Ed. (Playford), 1651. The Playford 
   Ball, 1994. 4-COUPLE SQuARE. G MINOR 6/8 32 BARS AABB 3X 2:08 1ST B: 
   AT 0:21
   j8. The MerryAndrew Dance by Marjorie Heffer and William Porter. Maggot 
   Pie (EFDSS reprint) 1980. First published in the 1930's, Maggot Pie caused 
   controversy by being a collection of newly-composed dances outside the 
   repertoire of Cecil Sharp's reconstructions of Playford dances and collections 
   of traditional dances "officially sponsored" by the English Folk Dance Society. 
   This track is at the faster tempo; use a skip-change step in the "B" music. 
   3-COUPLE LONGWAYS A MINOR 2/2 32 BARS AABB 3X 1:54 1ST B: AT 0:19
   9.HydePark TheDancingMaster, lstEd (Playford), 1651. ThePlayfordBall, 
   1994. 4-COUPLE SQUARE C MAJoR 6/8 24 BARS ABB 3X 1:27 1ST B: 
   AT 0:()9
   10. Broom, the Bonny, Bonny Broom The Dancing Master, 1st Ed. 
   (Playford), 1651. ThePlayfordBall, 1994. New"B"musicbyPhilMerrill,for-
   mer Music Director of CDSS. 4-COUPLE LONGWAYS F MAJOR 2/2 32 BARS 
   AABB 6x 4:18 1ST B: AT 0:22
   11. Love and a Bottle Twenty Eight New Country Dances For the Year 1710... 
   compos'd by Mr. Nathaniel Kynaston (Young), 1710. The Fallibroome 
   Collection, Vol. 2, Bernard J. Bentley (EFDSS), 1965. 3-COUPLE LONGWAYS 
   G MINOR 6/8 32 BARS MBB 3X 1:47 1ST B: AT 0:19
   12. The Merry Andrew Dance by Marjorie Heffer and William Porter. 
   Maggot Pie (EFDSS) 1980. Slow version; stately and elegant. 3-COUPLE 
   LONGWAYS A MINOR 2/2 32 BARS AABB 3X 2:18 1ST B: AT 0:22
   13. Chelsea Reach The Dancing Master, 3rd Ed. (Playford), 1665. The 
   Playford Ball, 1994. Cecil Sharp could not interpret the first figure to fit the 
   32-bar tune; his well-known reconstruction requires 48 bars. Though 
   Playford's publication clearly shows repeat signs for the "A" and "B" music, 
   Sharp resolved the conundrum by suggesting that the music be played ABAB 
   throughout the entire dance, obscuring the tune's congruence with the nor-
   mal structure of the up-a-double, siding, and arming figures. England's Colin 
   Hume suggests that a better solution is to play AABBBB for the first figure, 
   followed by AABB for the subsequent figures. We offer it here. 4-COUPLE 
   SQuARE F MAJoR 6/8 48 AND 32 BARS AABBBB+(AABB)x2 2:12 1ST B: 
   AT 0:19
   14. Leah's Waltz Dance by Fried DeMetz Herman. Tunes: "Amelia" by Bob 
   McQuillen and "Nancy's Waltz" by Chris Romaine. Ease and Elegance 
   (Herman), 1995. Fried wrote the dance in 1989 to honor Country Dancers 
   of Westchester's pianist Leah Barkan. To complement Amelia, Fried chose Jay 
   Ungar's "Ashokan Farewell" as the second tune, before it was made famous by 
   Ken Burns's Civil War documentary and Jacqueline's playing on the sound-
   track. We thought we'd give that tune a rest, and use Chris Romaine's lovely 
   waltz instead. 3-CoUPLE LONGWAYS D/AMAJoR 3/4 32 BARS AABB 6x 4:55 
   1ST B: AT 0:24
   15. Epping Forest The Dancing Master, 4th Ed. (Playford), 1665. The Playford 
   Ball, 1994. 3-COUPLE ROUND G MINOR 6/8 32 BARS AABC 6x 3:37 1ST B:
   AT n 18
   ~/~6. Once a Night Dance: Twenty Four Country Dances (Thompson), 1774. 
   Music: "Ye Social Powers" (Thompson), 1778. The Playford Ball, 1994. 
   3-COUPLE LONGWAYS D MAJOR 6/8 40 BARS MBBC 6X 4:08 1ST B: AT 0:17
   17. Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane Dance and tune by Charles Bolton. More of the 
   Same (Bolton), 1986. Also called "Bridgewater's Gain," this stately dance was 
   written for Doris Pomeroy, an active member of the Harrow Folk Dance 
   Club, upon her retirement and move to Bridgewater in Somerset. Note the 
   unusual two-bar introduction. 3-COUPLE LONGWAYS G MINOR 2/2 32 BARS 
   AAB 6X 4:05 1ST B: AT 0:23
   ~18. Sir Watkin's Jig A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances... 
   Vol. 5th (Johnson), 1750. Retreads (Bolton), 1985. The dance was written in 
   1749 upon the elevation to the title of one Sir Watkin William Wynn, 4th 
   baronet in a long line that continues to the present. (A Sir Watkin William 
   Wynne presently resides on the family manor located between Oswestry and 
   Bala.) Charles Bolton's reconstruction adds a slipping circle to the original 
   triple minor longways dance. The Band adds some clever imitation figures to 
   the tune s unusual 10-bar B music. 3-COUPLE LONGWAYS G MAJOR 6/8 36 
   BARS AABB 6x 4:00 1ST B: AT 0:19
   1" 19. Jovial Beggars Dance by Marjorie Heffer and William Porter. Tune from 
   The Dancing Master, 9th Ed. Appendix (Playford), ca. 1700. Maggot Pie 
   (EFDSS) 1980. This simple dance also works well as a mixer with more than 
   three couples in the circular set. 3-COUPLE ROUND. BB MAJOR 6/8 32 BARS 
   AABB 6X 3:02 1ST B: AT 0:13
   ~/20. Oxford Circus/Parson's Farewell The Dancing Master, 1 st Ed. (Playford), 
   1651. "Parson's Farewell" in The Playford Ball, 1994. "Oxford Circus" by Colin 
   Hume in New Dances for Old (Hume), 1992. Early-music enthusiasts will 
   recognize the tune as a bourree from Terpsichore. the extensive collection of 
   16th-century dance tunes arranged and published by Michael Praetorius 
   between 157- ~.~oriri wrote his three-coup~e~d~ fit the well-
   toved and widely available recording of"Parson's Farewell" made in England 
   in the 70's by the venerable band Orange and Blue. Ironically, we recorded it 
   because of requests for the music for"Oxford Circus" and the current 
   unavailability of that recording in the States. 2 COUPLES, OR 3-COUPLE 
   LONGWAYS D MINOR 2/2 24 BARS ABB 3X 1:20 1ST B: AT 0:09
   ,/ 21. The Merry, Merry Milkmaids The Dancing Master, 1st Ed. (Playford), 
   1651. The Playford Ball, 1994. 4-COUPLE LONGWAYS C MAJoR 6/8 40 BARS 
   AABB 3X 2:06 1ST B: AT 0:17
   22. Randolph Farewell Dance by Fried DeMetz Herman. Tune by Tom Siess. 
   Fringe Benefits (Herman), 1999. Tom wrote the tune in honor o~ Jack and 
   Genny Shimer, who spent summers at their home in Randolph, New 
   Hampshire. Tom is currently President of the Country Dance and Song 
   Society. Genny served as Executive Director of the CDSS, and Fried is one of 
   America's most celebrated and prolific choreographers. Truly, this is a dance 
   of, for, and by the English dance community in North America. 3-CoUPLE 
   ROUND G MAJoR 3/4 32 BARS ABCD 6X 5:10 1ST B: AT 0:18
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